Westbourne Church House Design


Westbourne Church House Design

The design of this house is really different with the other house. From the facade it looks like a classic church. However, the rooms inside has modern style. 
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The facade looks classic. Like a church, it is also has two towers in from side. All the doors and the windows are done in curved style. The color of this facade is like the real church. It is painted in grey or t is quite dark. However, there are also pine trees. So the facade looks perfect with the classic church view combined with the green pines.
The living room is done in assorted color. The sofa has shocking pink color combined with the dark blue cushions. The sofa is completed with square glass table. The cabinet is put on near the window. The windows made form wide tempered glass. So it is easy to look the outside clearly from this room. There is also a permanent shelf on the wall to safe the books. The lighting comes from the wall light and tall floor lamp. The classics standing clock is on the corner side. The floor is made from wide ceramics. The floor in front of the standing clock is covered with nice red pattern fur rug. The wall is painted in white and it is decorated with some painting hanging on the wall. The staircase made from transparent materials without fence. It looks modern. 
The kitchen is finished in white. It has all white furniture from the kitchen island till the cutlery set. The chairs are unique. The floor finished in laminate flooring wood. The wall lights make the room brighter. The dining table completed with dark arm chair has a good combination. The table covered with the glass. There is also a chalk-board on the bead-board. 
The bedroom is wide. The furniture also mostly has white color. The bed and the cabinet are in white. The windows are unique. The shape is like flowers. This room also fitted with red arm chair. The bath room is inside the bed room. It is equipped with high class furniture. The mirror is wide enough. The bathroom and the bed room separate with glass bead-board. 

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