Unique Work Space

Unique Work Space

Working is what you should do every day. You should be selective to choose a job, since you will do it along your life. Working in the same place can make some people boring. So what you need to do is just the works that suitable with your interest and ability. The work place usually has the same feature and furniture. Of course this condition will make you boring added with the more things you have to do and the date line. So, this work place can be an alternative choice to create your own work place uniquely and creatively. Hope you will get some inspiration from this design

It is an old bus cabin. In this cabin you can have your own work place. The design is creative and unique. Take away all the stuff like steering and the others, and then also renovate the floor so you will get the comfortable condition to work. This work space has a minimalist table to put your book and file and also computer. It is also fitted with swivel chair. 
The lighting from the pendant lamp make this work space be brighter. Put this half of old bus cabin in the corner of the room. Then you will feel like working in a bus. It really gives you different sensation than work in a usual office with usual interior design. This design is really suitable for you who love unique and creative things for your life. It is just a sample for. You can imitate or you can create the more creative design from other things aound you. Make a change, do your best.

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