Multi-function furniture


Multi-function furniture

Complete your house with some multi-function furniture. You can fill it with everything you want. Of course it should be suitable and functional. Everyone has her/his own consideration to chose furniture for her/his house. Each house also need different furniture based on the house style and size.

There is a multi function table. This table is made from wood and finished in high gloss. The table has amazing pattern. The color is soft brown, and the pattern is wide polkadot and blaster. This is really like the real table and can be used as cabinet. You can put everything you want here. The unique is that the left and the right side of this table has different pattern. The wide polkadot is in the left side and the blaster is for the right side. 
There is also an amazing bead-board. This is made from wood. The pattern is really unusual. It has some poles so that it can stand firm. This can used to divide one room to other rooms. This bead-board is really different with the other type. Since usually, the bead-board use usual wall and painted in white. So, it is amazing and you should take it for your perfect house.
This bed room type is also unique. The bed made from wood and covered with sponge and white quilt. It also has a table in the left side. The table in unified with the cabinet behind the bed. The cabinet is on the left and right side. The wardrobe is quite tall and wide. And then, near the wardrobe there is a permanent shelf to display your photo frame or books. It is on the right side of the bed. The floor finished in laminate flooring. The lighting comes from the chandeliers. At ill this design is amazing and unique.

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