how does eco home link with energy efficiency


how does eco home link with energy efficiency

Having a big house with the large front and back yard is a good choice. The yard are covered with the green grass. There are also some high green trees. It gives shady sensation for your house. From the entrance door to the outdoor garden there are footsteps in square shape.
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The facade of this house is so fresh and simple. The front walls made from tempered glass. So the sunlight will reach your room. Moreover, you also can enjoy the green view of the outdoor garden from inside the house. This is what many people want to have.
The living room is so nice. It is completed with sofa bed. The sofa is white and fitted with white and yellow cushions. It has two tables made from glass. The color of the sofa and the cushions has a good combination. There are also some unique blue chairs. The floors under the sofa covered with soft fur rug. The living room also has some unique paintings hanging on the wall. The wall made from glass in this room. There is also a mini staircase to reach the other room from this living room. The staircase fenced with iron. The lighting is from the wall lights and arch lamp.
This house has permanent shelf on the wall. It is used to display the unique and antique collections like palace miniatures and well known people dolls.
The kitchen looks classy with high standard quality of furniture. The furniture also well arranged. The kitchen island is designed like a bar. Of course it is completed with bar stools. The wall in this kitchen also made from tempered glass. The floor is finished in laminate flooring. The dining table looks elegance in white chairs and table. The beautiful chandelier adds perfect view.
The same with the other room, the bed room and the bath room also has white furniture. The quality of the furniture is number one in their class. The bed room is painted in fresh blue, while the bath room is finished in white. At this entire house is perfect for your perfect life.

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