Facebook west design


Facebook west design

Looking at this miniature Facebook design of course making you wonder what it is. The Facebook founder, Mark Zakeburrg do this work in corporate with some other parties in order the get the best design. 

It can be seen that there are some towers in the corner side of the project. The road and building are well design. The road is curved along the building. However, this concept also considers fresh and healthy living environment. There are many green trees along the road. Beside that the empty land also covered with the green grass. This condition of course will support healthy and fresh air for the occupant in this area. 
As we can see there is also a garden near the pool or lake. It is probably suitable as the play ground by adding some kid’s facilities to play. From the concept, it seems the location is strategies since it is near the main road. From this building it will be easy to get everywhere then. 
It seems that this project is done seriously. The whole areas are covered with white fenced. This fence is quite tall and permanent. Inside the fence, there are also some green trees. This wide area also seems consider the beautiful view.

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