Eco friendly apartment design


Eco friendly apartment design

Living in eco friendly apartment design is more safe and sound for some people, especially for young generation, Bachelor and bachelorette. This apartment is quite strategies. The location is near the main street, so it is easy for you to go everywhere quickly. The facade of this apartment looks fresh. There is green garden outside and the left and right side of the footsteps from the main entrance door to the road are covered with green grass.

The outside of the apartment is painted in peach. And the balcony is painted in green Tosca. The combination color is really amazing. This five floors apartment is suitable for you and your perfect young life. The living room equipped with comfortable sofa completed with its cushions. The cushions has British’s flag pattern. This room also fitted with a set of arm chair with its table. The chair and the table made from wood. The table is round. The floor finished in laminate flooring. However, the floor under the sofa covered with fur rug. The lighting comes from pendant lamp. The window is really wide. It made from glass. There is also a white door that connects this room to the balcony. There are two amazing painting hanging on the wall near the wooden arm chair. The wall painted in black. The TV is also hanging on the wall right in front of the sofa.
The kitchen design is like in the bar. It has two bar stools. The cutlery set and the cooking appliances arranged neatly. It has two door freezers. The lighting and the floor have the same type with the living room. The kitchen has two small white windows. The wall here is painted in white.
The bedroom is quite wide. The bead-board has unique pattern in red and black. It is like a wall paper.  There are some photo frames that hanging on the wall. The lightings are from wall light and floor lamp. The windows also painted in white. 
The fireplace is on the corner of the room. There is a classic wooden arm chair near the fireplace. The balcony has shocking pink sofa bed with the same color of cushions. The lighting comes from the chandelier.

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