Door designs for indian homes


Door designs for indian homes

Here we have some entrance door design for your inspiration to build your own home with the most elegant and classy entrance door design. The entrance door is the first thing you see every time you come to a new house. The guests will get the first impression from the first entrance door. So, build your own entrance door beautifully.

The first is the European style. This style is combined with the balcony. The wall and the balcony’s poles are painted in white. While the door, is painted in black. And the door made from the leak wood. Black and white is a good combination color. The balcony is design in curve style. And it has mini staircase to reach the door. This mini staircase and the floor are in the natural bricks looks. The green garden on the left and right side the door and the balcony, contrasted with the red floor from the bricks, with the white poles and black door look perfect.
The second type, is also white glass door. This type entrance door is really beautiful. It is also equipped with staircase. The staircase is fence with natural bricks appearance. All along the fence and the roof in front of the door are covered with colorful flowers. The red, white, yellow, purple, and green leaves have a nice combination.
The next is the classic style. The entrance door is on the balcony and it is done in curve style. The door made from tempered glass. The lighting comes from the pendant lamp right upside the doors. The balcony has a window in the up side near the roof. The front yard covered with green grass. And in front of the entrance door is made footsteps painted in white. The lighting comes from two shorts pole made from bricks in the left and right side of the footsteps. Beside look classics, this type is also classy.

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