Wonderful Urban Ravine House Design


Wonderful Urban Ravine House Design

Having a new house is a happy moment right? You can design get the inspiration to have your house like this Urban Ravine House Design.  This building looks great with its ground floor, first, second and third floor. This building is big and wide of course instead of it is classy.

The facade of this building is great with bricks walls fitted with tempered glass walls and windows. You can enjoy your green scenery surrounded your building right from inside your house. This building has green garden with its colorful flowers. You can get the fresh air everyday living in this house and everybody knew that fresh air is good for your health. Some stones footsteps are made in this garden to connects this garden with the building. Amazingly, there is an outdoor staircase that connects you from your garden to the main entrance door of the first floor. 

How about see the inside of this building? Of course, let’s start from the living room. This room has comfortable living room. It is completed with white modern sofas combined with the same color cushions. A tempered glass table is put near the sofas. Both the walls and the roof are painted in white. The floor is made from white ceramics too. However, under the sofas and table it is covered with beautiful rug. A wooden cabinet is located beside the white bead board. There is a TV put on the cabinet. The beautiful white pendant lamps are hanging on the roof upside the table. Near this living room, there is a staircase. The footsteps made from laminate wood in high gloss finished while the fence made from tempered glass. This staircase make this room looks classier. 

The other rooms like kitchen, bath room, bed room, guest room and the others are fitted with high quality furniture like in a resort or five stars hotel. The furniture is well arranged. The room and the furniture have good combination from the color, the materials and the design. At all this building is the best choice to live in this modern day.

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