Wonderful Aspen Residence Design


Wonderful Aspen Residence Design

Living in this aspen apartments, you will get some advantages. This building provides you comfort and good safety system. In addition, since this building is surrounded with green environment so you will get fresh air every day to support your healthy live. 

This building is quite large. It has amazing facade view from laminate wood walls in high gloss finished and concrete walls mated with tempered glass windows and doors bordered in wood finished in black. This building also has quite large front yard and back yard. The yard covered with green grass, tall trees and some colorful flowers of course.

Now, let’s check the interior design. This building has comfortable living room. This room is fitted with some sets of sofas. On one side, there is a set of white sofa with its white cushions. A white square wooden table is located in the middle of the sofas. Behind the sofa, there is a fireplace. On the right side of this sofa, there is a modern white floor lamp. Both the walls and the roof here are painted in white while the floor made from grey ceramics but under the sofa it covered with white fur rug.

On the other side of this living room, there is a set of brown sofa mated with square tempered glass table. A vase of beautiful flowers is set up on the table and make this side looks fresh. In front of this sofa, there is a laminate wood bead board finished in high gloss fitted a fireplace bordered with black ceramics. There are some permanent shelves on the bead board. It can be used to save your antique collection. The grey ceramics under the sofa covered with unique black and white fur rug. 

Amazingly, this residence fitted with an indoor pool. You can swim anytime you want here. The pool is in round and it is wide enough for you to swim in. The floor surrounded the pool made from white ceramics. There is a set of white sofas on the right side of this pool fitted with two white tables. In addition, there is also a set of white round table mated with some modern white chairs.
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