Unique Stairway Cinema Installation Design


Unique Stairway Cinema Installation Design

Well, do you like watching movie? Most people will enjoy the movie in a cinema or enjoy it in their own house. It is nice to spend your free time with your beloved one or beloved friend, family by watching the movie in a cinema. However, today, there is a unique place for you to enjoy a cinema. 

Of course it is not in a cinema. Well, have you ever imagine enjoying a movie in a stairway? Wight, this unique stairway cinema installation design is the answer. Here you can enjoy a movie in a comfortable without going to the cinema. 

This place is located in the middle of a city. It is located on the outside of a big building. This building finished in red brick walls. The building is near the main street so, it make you easier to reach this place. There is a stairway on the outside of this building to get the main entrance door on the first floor. However, this place is design to enjoy the movie. 

The stairway completed with an installation roof. This room made from red cloth. Under the cloth, there is a skeleton to support the roof. The skeleton made from laminate wood. You can enjoy the movie by sitting on the footsteps of the stairway or even by standing. The screen is right on a side of the roof. The stairway has red bricks fence on the left and right side while the footsteps are made from pour concrete finished in white. You can enjoy the movie here with your friend and bring some food or beverages. This place is unique. It is suitable for you who want to spend your free time with unusual activity.

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