Perfect Villa Design


Perfect Villa Design

Do you want to build perfect villas? Alright, some people think that to have a villa is a must. This villa design can be your best inspiration. Why not? This villa has wonderful interior and exterior design combined with the amazing scenery surrounded this building.

Well, this villa has strategies location. It is near the sea and hills. You can enjoy the waves, the sand, and the wind instead of the fresh air from the green hills behind your villa. This villa faces the sea. You can enjoy the sea view everywhere you want. The perfect sunset and sunrise can be seen clearly right from this villa. 

Moreover, there are two outdoor pools. These two pools are wide and the floor surrounded is covered with the white ceramics. Near the pools, there are some sun-bathing sofas. Instead of the pool, the veranda also looks nice with its wooden round table surrounded with the red arm chairs. Besides that, there is also a set of comfortable white sofas completed with the same color cushions and a tempered glass table on the middle of the sofas.

Now, let’s see the rooms inside. Starting from this living room, it is fitted with comfortable black sofas combined with the black and red cushions. A tempered glass table is on the middle side. The floor in this living room made from white ceramics and under the sofas it is covered with the unique rug. The lighting is not only comes from wall light but also it is from an arch lamp near the sofa. The windows here mostly made from tempered glass, so you can see the beach and the pool right from inside this room clearly. 

Near this living room, there is a dining room without any bead board to separate them. The dining table looks modern with the tempered glass. Some classy wooden chairs surrounded the dining table. The white ceramics floor is covered with the amazing red fur rug. Near the walls, there are statues with the red background walls. On the left and right side of the statues there is a vase of white Lily. The classy pendant lamp is hanging on the white roof.

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