Modern and Great House Design


Modern and Great House Design

Do you need a new house? Alright, this new house will be the best choice for you to live in this modern day. This house has strategies location, so you will get easier to go everywhere you want to. The facade looks great with its tall brick fence. 

Now, let’s see the front yard. There is a wide outdoor pool on this yard You can enjoy swimming with your beloved one in your free time comfortably. The floor surrounded the pool made from unique ceramics. The water fountain is from the bricks fence. This fountain makes this pool classy. Near this outdoor pool, there is a veranda. This veranda completed with some unique brown and green sofas fitted with the same color cushions. There are two small square tables on the middle of the sofas. The floor in this veranda made from white ceramics. 

How about looking at the inside? Well, there is a living room. This room equipped with the comfortable black and green sofas fitted with colorful cushions. The sofas are mated with the square tempered glass. Besides the square table, there are also two round tables on the left and right side of the sofas. The floor in this room made from white ceramics but under the sofas and table covered with the beautiful fur rug. The bead board made from bricks and it is painted in brown. This room also has tempered glass windows, so you can enjoy the outdoor scenery clearly from your living room.  The wall lights make this room brighter. 

Now, let’s check the dining room. This room looks classy with its square tempered glass table surrounded with white modern chairs. The floor here made from the white ceramics. Uniquely the lighting is from the white pendant lamp hanging on the white roof. Near this dining room, there is a kitchen. The kitchen and the dining room is in one room without any bead board to separate the room. The kitchen looks wonderful and classy finished in green with the wooden furniture to complete it. The furniture is in high gloss finished and they are well arranged.

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