Modern and Great House Design


Modern and Great House Design

Want to have a new modern house? Alright, this great modern house is the answer. You can copy both the interior and exterior design of course. Or even you can add, change or eliminate it based on your want and needs. This house looks great with its laminate wood fence.

The facade of this building looks amazing and mostly the walls made from the tempered glass walls. You can enjoy the outdoor view clearly from inside your house. The walls are painted in white. Combined with the tempered glass walls, this white wall looks great and modern. 

Moreover, this building also surrounded with the green environment. There is a small garden on the front yard. It is filled with the green plants and grass. This building is big and wide. There is an outdoor staircase that connects the garden with the first floor of this building. This staircase has white footsteps and fence. 

In addition, there is an outdoor pool on this front yard. The pool is surrounded with the green garden. It is wide enough for you to swim in with your beloved one in your spare time. Amazingly, this building completed with three pools. The other two pools are on the upside of the outdoor pool. There is a staircase to reach these two pools. The floor around these two pools is made from Mahogany laminate wood in high gloss finished. 

Now, let’s see inside this house. This house has tempered glass walls. It make this building looks modern. There is a white staircase to connect one room with others. The roof, the walls, and the bead board are painted in white while the floor made from red ceramics. Some wall lights make this room brighter. All the rooms in this building like the bed room, bath room, dining room, kitchen and the others are fitted with high quality furniture like in a five stars hotel or resort. The furniture are well mated with the house design.

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