Minimalist Laminate Wood House Design


Minimalist Laminate Wood House Design

This building is suitable for you who need a new minimalist house. This building is quite large with its wide ground floor. In addition, living in this house you will get fresh air every day since it is located on small hills with green grass and trees alongside the hills. It is good for your health of course. 

Alright, this house has amazing facade. It looks minimalist with its laminate wood walls finished in high gloss mated with red bricks walls. The windows and doors here made room tempered glass bordered in laminate wood painted in yellow.

This building has comfortable veranda. This veranda is located in front of the main building. IT has no roof while the floor made from laminate wood in high gloss finished too. This veranda fitted with two sun-bathing sofas, so you can enjoy the sun light here in your free time. The front yard of this building sets up as the garden. It covered with green grass, tall trees and some colorful flowers. You can enjoy the garden too while having your morning tea or reading news paper.

Now, let’s check the interior design in more details. Right, the living room is comfortable and cozy for you to spend your free time just to watch you favorite TV program or even reading your favorite magazine. This room fitted with classy arm chairs made from wood in high gloss finished. There is a square tempered glass table between the chairs. Behind these chairs near the bead board, there is a wooden cabinet used to save or display your book collections. Both the roof and the floor here are painted in white. However, the floor made from laminate wood in high gloss finished but it covered with brown rug under the chairs and table. There is a classy fan hanging on the roof right upside the table. Instead of the wall lights, there are also some white modern floor lamps on each corner to make this room brighter. This building does not only provide you comfort and good safety system but also it provides you with fresh air and comfortable condition to live in.

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