interior design styles bedroom


interior design styles bedroom

There are some bedroom inspiration that can be your inspiration for you who want to build a new house with a wonderful bed room. You can make your as one of this design. Instead of it has amazing interior design, these bedroom designs for couples also fitted with high quality and suitable furniture. 

Now, let’s see the interior designs of a bed room one by one. Right, now, let’s start from this classics bed room. This bed room is not only classics but also t is classy. It has quite large bed fitted with white quilt and pillows and red blanket. On the right side of the bed, there is a wooden table in high gloss finished mated with an arm chair. This table fitted with two white floor lamps. There is a wide mirror hanging on the wall near the table. Behind the bed, there are two classy arch lamps on the right and left side of the bed. The walls here painted in white while the roof made from wooden pergola in high gloss finished. However, the floor made from white ceramics but covered with brown rug under the bed.

A classics fan is hanging on the right upside the bed. In addition, this bed room also completed with wooden cabinet and a set of sofas and puff. The windows near the sofa and puff made from tempered glass so you can enjoy the outside view right clearly from this room. Some beautiful flowers set up on vase make this room look fresh and shady. Moreover, this bed room is equipped with indoor bath room. The bath room is in one room with the bed room. This bath room has modern and high quality furniture of course.

Now, let’s see this nice bed room. This bed room is in a house near the beach. The windows made from tempered glass so you can enjoy the waves, the water, and the sand right from your bed room. This room has wide bed. Both the roof and the floor made from laminate wood in high gloss finished. However, the walls are painted in white. There is a TV in front of the bed sets up on the cabinet.
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