Great Multimedia Library Design


Great Multimedia Library Design

What comes in your mind when heard the word “library”? Most of you will think that it is so stuffy and filled with the old books. You only come when you need an important reference in an old book. Wait, it is not like that now. 

How about multimedia library? Well, for you who do not want to deal with that stuffy and close library, this multimedia library is the best answer. Here, you will not find the books collection. The room is design in cozy and comfortable way.

Now, let see this multimedia library. The interior design of this library is nice and perfect. You will feel comfort spending your time here. The walls in this room made from concrete bricks and laminate wood walls in high gloss finished. Some wall lights make this room brighter. In addition, the floor inside this room is made from laminate wood too while the roof is painted in white.

For the decoration, there are some beautiful paintings and photo in frames hanging on the walls. Some permanent shelves are also attached on the walls. They are used to display the art works like a bus miniature, a classic TV, and many others. 

This room has comfortable brown sofas. They are set up in front of the wide modern TV. On the left side of the TV, there is an old and classy telephone. This room has some computers on the wooden table. This table is fitted with the modern chairs. Near the table, there is also a black arch lamp. At all, this multimedia library looks simple but it is classy.

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