Great and Fabulous Lima Residence Design


Great and Fabulous Lima Residence Design

Do you look for a new residence for you and your beloved family to live in? This Lima residence is the right answer. Alright, this residence is not only provides you comfort and modern safety system but also it has amazing interior and exterior design fitted with high quality furniture to support your modern live.

The facade of this building is great with its concrete bricks walls mated with tempered glass windows and doors bordered in laminate wood finished in white. This building is quite big and large with its ground floor and first floor. This building has quite large front yard. IT is functioned as garden. The garden covered up with green grass and trees so you will get fresh air every day to support your healthy live. Moreover, this building also fitted with an outdoor pool on the front yard. This pool is design in square surrounded with white ceramics floor. The back yard is also functioned as garden. There are some stones footsteps on this garden to connect the door with the garden. Behind this building there is a small green hill. You can enjoy the perfect sunset and sunrise right from your house.

In addition, there is also a veranda on the back yard. This veranda has no roof but it is fitted with white modern sofas. The floor in this veranda made from pour concrete. Do you want to know the interior design and the furniture in details from this residence? Well, let’s check it out guys.

In the living room you will find brown sofas and yellow puff. This is place is comfortable for you to spend your free time just by enjoying your favorite TV program or even read your magazine. The TV is hanging on the laminate wood bead board. This bead board is finished in white. Both the roof and the walls here are painted in white while the floor made from pour concrete. There is also a brown fur rug on this room near the sofas. Instead of the wall lights, the lighting also comes from floor lamps on the right side of the sofas.

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