Great and Amazing Celine Dion House Design


Great and Amazing Celine Dion House Design

Do you know Celine Dion? Guess, the answer is yes. This woman is so famous because of her voice as the soundtrack of Titanic movie. Well, forget it. We are sure you all know it. Now, we would like to show you her amazing house.

This house looks modern and classy finished in white touch. This building is quite large and big with its underground floor and first floor. Instead of the main building, there are some supporting buildings around the main building.

This house is located near the beach. You can enjoy the sand, the wind, the waves, or even the perfect sunset and sunrise in the beach right from this house. This building looks so fresh and shady since it is surrounded with green environment. In addition, this building also has large front yard and back yard. The back yard used as the garden and it is covered with the green grass. 

However, on the front yard, there is a main outdoor pool. This pool is quite wide for you, your friend and your family to swim in. The floor surrounded the pool made from white ceramics. There are some coconut trees alongside the pool. Instead of the main pool, there is also a children playground surrounded with pool. The playground fitted with some plays area. To reach this playground, there is a beautiful bridge. The bridge has laminate wood footsteps. Both the footsteps and the fence are finished in white touch. This building looks great and classy finished in mostly white touch from the building and the furniture to complete it.

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