Fabulous Seleksyz Bookstore in Maastricht Design


Fabulous Seleksyz Bookstore in Maastricht Design

Do you want to have or build a new bookstore? There is an amazing bookstore in Maastricht. You can make your new bookstore like this one or even you also can change, add, or eliminate some parts based on your need and want of course.

This building has amazing both interior and exterior design. The facade looks classy like a palace. This building is quite tall and has natural yellow brick walls appearances. Both the door and the windows are designed in curve and made from tempered glass bordered with laminate wood in high gloss finished. 

This building is quite large and tall with its ground floor, first floor, and second floor. It’s time to check the interior design in this bookstore. Alright, this building is equipped with canteen, bar, cafe, children corner, book displays, information desk, mural, booklet, and cash register. 

After you enter this room, you will find the cash register on your left side. In this ground floor the books are arranged neatly and perfectly on the wooden shelves near the bead board. The shelf made from laminate wood finished in black. This room has tall and big round poles to support the building. There are also some sets of comfortable sofas for you to read the books for a moment. Both the walls and roof look perfect. The roof finished in curved. There are some wonderful paintings to decorate the roof. Mostly, the floor in this building is made from grey ceramics. 

The bars and the canteen here are completed with some food and beverages. So, you don’t need to go out of this building if you want to enjoy reading your new book accompanied with a glass of tea or coffee. This bookstore actually is a nice place for you to spend your free time.

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