Fabulous Fairmont Mayakoba Resort Design


Fabulous Fairmont Mayakoba Resort Design

Do you want to refresh your mind? Alright, it is good for you and your health to make your mind fresh from your busy day in your busy office. Keep your mind fresh is good to make you productive in your work.  This Fairmont Mayakoba Resort is the best resort for you to spend your time for refreshing. 

The location is strategies. It is located in a small island and surrounded with the blue sea. Amazingly, the blue sea water combined with the white sands looks perfect. You can enjoy the perfect sunset and sunrise. The fresh air and the winds are also great. 

Each building in this resort completed with an outdoor pool. This pool is laid on the white sand. It is wide enough for you to swim in with your beloved one. The floor surrounded the pool covered with the white ceramics. The sun-bathing sofas are set up on the veranda near the pool. This veranda has laminate wood floor in high gloss finished. 

Moving to the inside, let’s check the rooms. There is a living room with comfortable sofas. The sofas made from rattan and combined with the white pillows look classy. The walls and the bead board in this room are painted in yellow while the roof is finished in white. There are some colorful paintings hanging on the yellow wall. The floor here is made from white ceramics but under the sofas it is covered with beautiful rug. These sofas are completed with square wooden tables. In this living room, there are also cabinets on the left and right side of the sofa with a modern floor lamp on each. An antique fan is hanging on the roof right upside the table. Uniquely, the doors are design in Japanese style while the windows are made from tempered glass.

Alright, the other rooms like the bed room, the bath room, the dining room are design nicely. They are fitted with high quality furniture too and the arrangement is of course neat. At all this resort is the best choice for you to refresh your mind.

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