Fabolous Jazzissimo Lounge Design


Fabolous Jazzissimo Lounge Design 

Do you fond of enjoying a glass of coffee? Spending your free time or break time from your office in a cafe can be a refreshing. You can go out look for the wonderful cafe to have a glass of coffee or tea, or even you can have you lunch here. It is important to keep your mind fresh so that you will not be stress because of the dateline in your busy workplace. Sometimes, you need to go out to refresh your mind so that you will be productive in your work.

Alright, of course you can spend your break here for a moment. Enjoying a glass of coffee with your colleagues is nice. The design of this canteen is wonderful. It is a perfect choice for you to spend your break time. This amazing Jazzissimo has strategies location, so wherever you are you can reach this place easily. 

Let’s see the inside. Well, the front desk looks wonderful and nice. The desk is finished in white with the “Jazzissimo Lounge” letters are printed in black on the front side of the desk. Some sides of the walls are painted in white while the bead board made from bricks. The same with the walls, the roof is painted in white too. How about the floor? The floor in this room made from white ceramics. Amazingly, the lighting looks classy with its white pendant lamp hanging on the wall.

On one side of this room, there is a long modern table surrounded with some modern bar stools too. The roof here is finished in sloping ceiling with the amazing lighting that come from beautiful white pendant lamps hanging alongside the walls. However, the floor made from grey ceramics and covered with nice black rug. 

To get the more comfort, you can take the sofas on the other side. There are some sets of sofas completed with the round tables. These sofas are nicely fitted with the same color cushions. There is a great painting hanging on the walls. The same with the other room, the bead board is painted in white. The lighting is beautiful with the white pendant lamp hanging on the roof.

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