Classy California Beach Villa Design


Classy California Beach Villa Design

Need a new villa? Well, spending a vocation in a villa with amazing scenery is what some people want to do to spend their free time. This California Beach Villa is the best answer. However, for you who need to build a new villa, you can see and take the design to make your own. 

Amazingly, this villa is located near the beach and the hills. You can enjoy the waves, the wind, and the sand from the beach instead of the green view and fresh air from the hills. This California Beach Villa looks simple but it is classy. The facade is perfect with its concrete bricks and laminate wood walls.  Combined with the tempered glass windows and doors bordered in wood painted in black the walls looks great. 

On the front yard, there is a veranda. This veranda has a sun-bathing sofa completed with the wooden table. You can enjoy the sunlight in the morning in this place. Moreover, there is wooden table completed with some arm chairs. The floor in this veranda made from laminate wood. 

Now, let’s check the inside. The interior design is great and nice combined with classy and high quality furniture. Starting from the living room, this room has classy rattan sofas fitted with wooden square table. Some beautiful flowers are set up in a vase and put on the middle of the table. It makes this room looks nice and fresh. The rattan sofas completed with some colorful cushions. There is also an arm chair on the corner side of this room fitted with a white round table. The fireplace is near this arm chairs. The roof is in white pergola while the floor is made from laminate wood and covered with the grey rug. 

Near this living room, there is a dining room. This room is in one room with the living room without any bead board to separate them. This room is completed with a square dining table surrounded with the wooden chairs too. 

The bed room looks nice and classy with its wide bed fitted with white quilt and pillows. The lighting is from the wall light and white floor lamps on the left and right side of the bed. The roof and the floor is the same with the living room and dining room.

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