Amazing Airstream Project Design


Amazing Airstream Project Design

Do you need a unique house design? This amazing Airstream Project Design is the answer. Both the interior and the exterior of this Airstream project design looks modern and perfect. This place is comfortable and cozy for you to stay in. In addition, it is also completed with modern safety system. 

How about checking the interior side? Well, starting from the main entrance door.  It is made from Mahogany woods in high gloss finished and fitted with tempered glass. The walls here are in curve and painted in white. The windows are made from tempered glass walls, so you can enjoy the outdoor view clearly right from inside your room. The floor if this building is from laminate wood in high gloss finished too. The roof is classy in its white painting. Near the door, there are wooden cabinets on the left and right side.  The right side cabinet is set up like a kitchen island. This small kitchen looks modern and design neatly. While the left side the upside of the cabinet is laminate in green and it can be used to sit completed with colorful cushions. 

Alright, amazingly, the walls in this room are nicely decorated with some art works. They are set and arranged neatly on the cabinet, shelves and hanging on the bead board and walls. There is a closet in one corner side. This is made from laminate wood. You can save your clothes, shoes and even bags in this closet. 

Now, let’s check the bed room. This room has low profile bed fitted with white quilt, blanket and colorful pillows. The windows are design in modern way and fitted with tempered glass walls. The same with the other rooms, the floor is from laminate wood and the roof is in white. The white wall lights make this room brighter. There is a wooden cabinet on the left side of the bed with some art works. Actually, this building has wonderful and perfect design for you who need a new place to stay in this modern day. You can adds, change, or even eliminate some parts of this building design.

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