Wonderful Table with Lotus Detail Design


Wonderful Table with Lotus Detail Design

Have you just finished building your new house? or have you just bought your new house? After building or buying a new house then you will need to complete your new house with some furniture. Match the furniture with your house design to get the good appearance of your house. There are some designs that can be used to build your house, whether you want to have eco friendly house, green house, classics house, modern house, or even unique house

And then of course, the furniture should be in line with your house design. Sometimes, people do not consider the type of the furniture to complete their house. Some other factors like the materials, the color, the function, the appearance, and the durability of the furniture also should be considered. 

For you like luxurious furniture, this table is the best choice for you. The design of this table is unique and different with others. The facade of this table looks perfect in white touch. Mostly the table is painted in white with the gold touch on each legs and holder to open its shelf.

This table is is design in square but it is quite long. One the one side, the legs are made like has no legs. It is just like cabinet. On the other hand, the other side, the legs looks luxurious and perfect in curve with gold touch on the border. Alright, this table is actually made from wood and painted in white with gold touch for finishing on the border sides. 

This white table is flexible. It can be set up on your living room combined with some luxurious black or white sofas with colorful cushions. In addition, this table also can be set up as the dining table. With this table, your dining room will looks luxurious and perfect of course. 

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