Wonderful Modern Canteen Design


Wonderful Modern Canteen Design

Do you like to enjoy a glass of coffee? Spending your free time or break time from your office in a cafe can be a refreshing. You can go out look for the wonderful cafe to have a glass of coffee or tea, or even you can have you lunch here. It is important to keep your mind fresh so that you will not be stress because of the dateline in your busy workplace. Sometimes, you need to go out to refresh your mind so that you will be productive in your work.

Of course you can spend your break here for a moment. Enjoying a glass of coffee with your colleagues is nice. The design of this canteen is wonderful. It is a perfect choice for you to spend your break time. This amazing canteen has strategies location, so wherever you are you can reach this place easily. 

The facade of this building is perfect. The walls are mostly made from tempered glass and bordered in wood painted in black. Besides the walls, the main door entrance also made from the tempered glass. 

Moving to the inside of this canteen, the floor is finished in white ceramics while the roof covered with round blink decoration. The lighting comes from the wall lights and the white and yellow pendant lamps. There are some sets of modern chairs and tables. Each set table and chairs completed with a white pendant lamp hanging on the roof right upside the table. This room has unique and luxurious bead board; it is like a small Venetian curtain. Besides that, the bead board also comes from the white curtain. 

This wonderful modern canteen is the best choice for you to spend your free time. You can enjoy whatever you want. For you need to charge your laptop or betray this canteen provides you with some cables and you can use it for free.

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