Wonderful Loft House Design


Wonderful Loft House Design

Do you want to live in a loft house? Living in a loft also will give you the same comfort and safety like in a modern apartment.  Alright, this loft house design looks nice and suitable for you. The interior design is perfect combined with high quality furniture like in a five stars hotels’.

Now, let’s see the rooms inside. There is a living room. This room has comfortable sofas painted in white completed with some cushions in the same color. The sofas are fitted with a wooden round table. This table is located in front of the sofas with a vase of beautiful flowers put on it. You can enjoy your favorite TV program comfortably in your spare time. The TV is hanging on the white bead board. There are some lighting that makes this room brighter like an arch lamp beside the sofas, a floor lamp and some wall lights.

Moreover, the walls, the bead board are painted in white in natural brick appearance. However, the floor is made from grey ceramics while under the sofa it is covered with the white fur rug. In this room there is also come wooden and tempered glass cabinet near the bead board. You can save or display your important things or art works collection there. 

The next room is the dining room. This room has wide square wooden table combined with some modern arm chairs. The same with the living room, the floor in this dining room also made from grey ceramics too. On the corner side, there is a tempered glass shelf attached on the bead board permanently. 

Now, let’s see the kitchen. This kitchen is fitted with high quality Kitchen Island, cooking utensils, cutlery sets and also kitchen cabinet. They are arranged well and neatly. This kitchen looks modern and stylish with a nice pendant lamp hanging on the roof right upside the kitchen island. 

The other rooms like bed room, bath room, veranda, and garaged also completed with high quality furniture like in a five stars hotel. At this entire loft house design is perfect for you to live in.

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