Wonderful House on the Hills Design


Wonderful House on the Hills Design

Do you want to build a new house? Alright, wherever the location you want to build it, whether in the city, in the hills, near the desert it is up to you of course. The location should be based on your need, want and preferences.

For you who want to build a house on the hills, this wonderful house can be the best inspiration for you to create your own. This house is not tall but it is wide. Well, the facade of this building is perfect. It is like a villa in a mountain range. The walls of this house are made from pour concrete and painted in wide. The windows and the doors are made from tempered glass bordered with the wood painted in black.

Amazingly, this house has wide front yard. This yard is covered with the pour concrete too. However, there is a small part on this front yard is made as the garden. This garden has green grass, tall trees and so did beautiful flowers. This garden looks nice and colorful.

The veranda is located near the garden. There are some footsteps painted in white to connect the main door entrance with the garden. This veranda has firm fence made from pour concrete. The floor here is finished in white ceramics. Some comfortable sofas are laid on this white floor. The sofas combined with a small round tempered glass table. The roof is classy with the laminate wood in high gloss finished with some lighting from wall lights.

Now, let’s see the inside of this building. Starting from this dining room, this room is perfect with its blue modern chairs surrounded the square tempered glass table. Some beautiful flowers put on vase and placed on this table make this dining room fresh and colorful. The beautiful pendant lamps are hanging on the white roof right upside the dining table. The floor here made from laminate wood in high gloss finished. However, under the table and the chairs it is covered with the wonderful white fur rug. From this dining room, you can enjoy the hills scenery right from the tempered glass windows.

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