White and Modern Barud House Design


White and Modern Barud House Design

Need a new place for you to live in in this modern day? There are some options, but this Barud house design is the best choice for you to stay in. Both the interior and exterior design will make you amazed. The facade of this building is perfect in its white painting. The design is also unique and different with the others. The walls made from pour concrete, bricks painted in white and also tempered glass walls. 

This building also completed with a small garden on the front yard. This garden filled up with small green grass. Near the garden, there is also an outdoor pool. This pool is in curve and wide enough for you to and your beloved one to swim in your spare time. The floor surrounded the pool covered with the pour concrete. However, there is also some footsteps that connects the main door to the garden and pool. 

There is also a veranda near the pool. This veranda is completed with some modern arm chairs with a round wooden table. This veranda has no roof while the floor made form white ceramics. You can enjoy your morning tea while reading the newspaper in the morning here. 

This house looks great with its white and tempered glass walls. It also has some tempered glass windows. Moving to the inside, there is a comfortable living room. You can spend your free time here to enjoy your favorite TV program. This room also has some white sofas with the same color cushions. The TV is hanging in front of the sofa on the white bead board. The fireplace is near the sofas. The walls, the bead board, and the roof are painted in white while the floor also made from white ceramics too. The lighting here comes from beautiful black and white pendant lamps hanging on the roof. 

Moving to the dining room, this room is wide and completed with some unique wooden chairs and square table. The rooms here mostly painted in white while the bead board is made from tempered glass. There are two nice pendant lamps hanging on the roof right upside the dining table.

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