Snow-flower light Design


Snow-flower light Design

Do you have a new house? Congrats, well, after you build or buy your new house then you will think of the furniture to compete it. In building the new house of course you have considered many things like the interior and exterior design, the location, the materials, the functions, the durability and also the appearance. 

In addition, you also need to match the color of the painting on your walls and roof to get the good combination color. In completing your house with the furniture, you also should fit it with your house design. You can chose from the modern, classics, mixture, multifunction, or even unique furniture for your new building. 

The good combination color of the building with the furniture will make your house looks great and perfect. So you need to match the furniture with the dominated color of the room you want to set up the furniture in. However, this snow-flower light design looks perfect. It is nice to have this snow-flower light to make your room brighter.

Do you know why it is called snow-flower? Yes, since it is like a blossom flower and the color is white like snow. This light is flexible; you can put it wherever you want to. Now, let’s see one by one. First is in this classy dining room. This room looks simple but classy with its white square dining table combined with some modern black and white chairs. Both the walls and the roof are painted in white while the bead board is in grey. The floor is made from grey ceramics too. What makes this room looks classy is that the lighting. The light comes from the beautiful snow-flower lights hanging on the white roof right upside the dining table. 

And then, the snow-flower is located on the living room. This room looks comfortable with its grey sofas with the same color cushions. There are also two modern chairs on the next of the square tempered glass table. The lighting comes from the beautiful snow-flower light hanging on the roof. The walls in this room made form tempered glass walls too. There are also some beautiful paintings hanging on the walls. 

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