Modern and Unique Topaz Hotel Design


Modern and Unique Topaz Hotel Design

To stay in a hotel for a few days, do you consider some factors? Well, most of people of course will say “Yes”. It is true, that to stay in a hotel you need to look at the location, chose the most strategies hotel, so you will get easy to go everywhere you need to go. The next, is the facilities. Modern hotel mostly has more facilities that can meet your need. Instead of interior and exterior designs, the safety system is also important. 

This Topaz hotel has all of them so it is the best modern hotel for staying in. This hotel looks modern and perfect. It is quite tall with some floors. The facade is great and this building has many windows. Amazingly, these windows make this hotel different with others. The design is unique. They are round and made from tempered glass. 

Moving to the ground floor, the walls in this floor mostly made from tempered class. This is make this building look classy added with some beautiful pendant lamps hanging on the roof alongside the tempered glass walls. The floors in this ground floor made from black ceramics while both the walls inside and the bead board is painted in white.

Let’s see the bed room. This room has wide bed with its white quilt and pillows. It is also fitted with warm blanket finished in brown. The same with the other floors, here, the floor is made from black ceramics too but under the bed it is covered with the white fur rug. The bead board behind the bed is painted in white. On the left and right side of the bed, there is a wooden cabinet in black with a floor lamp on each side. The walls in this bed room are covered with nice wallpapers. In addition, there is also a square wooden table with a modern yellow chair. An arch lamp is located on the corner of the table. You can cover the windows with the beautiful curtain. You also can save your clothes on the cupboard in the corner side.

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