Minimalist and Modern Sweden Apartment


Minimalist and Modern Sweden Apartment

Do you need a new apartment? Today, living in a modern apartment, there are some advantage that you will get like the comfort and safety instead of the amazing interior and exterior design with its high quality indoor and outdoor furniture. In this modern day, to live in a modern apartment is what some people want to. Most of people especially the young generation prefer to live in an apartment to in a house.

This apartment is suitable for you, young generation who need a new place for you to live in. This building has perfect interior and exterior designs. Now, let’s check each room. Starting from this living room, you will find modern black and white sofas completed with the cushions in black and white too. A square tempered glass table is on the middle of the sofas. This room is mostly finished in white touch. The walls, the bead board, the roof are painted in white while the floor also made from white ceramics too. 

However, the floor under the sofas is covered with the beautiful grey fur rug. This room has tempered glass windows and it can be covered with the nice purple curtain. It is nice to have this curtain combined with the white dominated color of the room. There is a beautiful painting hanging on the white walls. How about the lighting? Well, this room looks brighter with its beautiful white pendant lamp hanging on the roof and a white floor lamp on the corner too. You can enjoy your favorite TV program in your spare time since the TV is located on the white cabinet in front of the sofas.

The next room is the dining room. This room looks minimalist but classy with its white square table combined with four white chairs. Some beautiful flowers are set in a vase on this table make this room looks nice and fresh. Near this dining room, there is a kitchen. The same with the other rooms in this apartment, the kitchen also finished in mostly white from the kitchen island, the cooking utensils, and kitchen cabinet and the cutlery set. 

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