Luxurious House Mode Design


Luxurious House Mode Design

Do you like fashions so much? Not? Well, In your spare you go for a refreshing for your holiday for a moment or even you just go hang out with your friends or colleagues in your office to have some coffee in your favorite bar or cafe.

However, for your who want to keep stylish, you can go to this Idrisi house mode to make over your style to get the best quality clothes, bags, and also shoes for you to wear in your office. However, appearance is important factor to be kept in the workplace. This place gives you the best options for your wearing. 

The design of this building is amazing. It is not only the exterior but also the interior too. Inside this house mode, the design is simple but classy. There is a unique wide blue table for the cashier. The walls in this room painted in white while some sides of the bead board are finished in wood pattern. However, the floor is painted in white with the white wall lights so that this room looks brighter. The floor is finished in laminate wood flooring. 

Moreover, there is a wooden cabinet on the corner side. This place used to display the shoes collection. You can take the one that most suitable with your style, clothes, and feet and fund too. The shoes are arranged well. Each shoes located in a screen. However, this house mode wants you to feel comfort when trying the shoes for your feet. There are two comfortable modern chairs for you to sit in when you try the shoes you want to. Near this cabinet, there is tempered glass bead board bordered in white.
Moving a little bit, on the clothes side, there are so many clothes collection arranged neatly and nicely. The floor in this clothes collection is finished in green Tosca. However, there are some wonderful white tables in the middle of this room to display the some shoes collection. This room also completed with a wide mirror hanging on the bead board. 

Furthermore, this house mode is not only having ladies’ wearing collection but it provides for men’s wearing collections to make you stylish. 

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