Great Koh Samui Hotel Design


Great Koh Samui Hotel Design

Do you need to go somewhere recently? Then do you need a hotel to stay in for a moment? Well, this hotel is the best place for you to stay in. Why not? Well, amazingly, this hotel is like a resort. It is located near the sea. You can enjoy the perfect sunset and sunrise everyday here clearly right from inside your room.

Alright, the facade of this hotel is great it does not only look perfect with its modern touch but also it is classy. Both the interior and exterior designs in this building is amazing. You will feel so comfortable to spend your time in this place. Besides the comfort, this hotel also has well and modern safety system. It makes this place well recommended wherever and whenever you need a hotel to stay in.
Well, this hotel completed with unique veranda. It is located on the sea. Yes, that’s right. The veranda is laying on the blue sea water. To reach this place, there is a hallway made from wood both the poles and the footsteps. However, the footsteps are in high gloss finished. This hallway has unique roof too. It is made from pergola. There are some verandas lying on the sea. Each veranda completed with some comfortable sofas with its colorful cushions. There is also a round tempered glass table on the middle. Having your morning tea while enjoying the sea and Mountain View, is the best things to do in this place. You can feel the wind, sea the waves, and enjoy the fresh air.

Moreover, this hotel also has an outdoor pool. This pool is wide and long for some people to swim in. There is staircase to go down to the water. The floor surrounded the pool is covered with laminate wood in high gloss finished. Near the pool, there is also a sunbathing sofa with some cushions. You can enjoy the sunlight after swimming here.

Moving to the inside, there is a meeting room, bed room, and so did bath room. They are well equipped with high quality furniture of course. The furniture arranged well and suitable from the color and the materials with the rooms.

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