Fresh and Classy Beige Villa Design


Fresh and Classy Beige Villa Design

Do you need a refreshing? Well, there are some options for you to refresh your mind from your busy day in your busy office at a room painting ideas. You can go to beach, mountain, go for swimming, or even you can spend a few days in a villa. 

However, for you who want to build, buy or even renovate your villa, this Beige Villa design is the best choice for you. Besides it has strategies location, the interior and exterior designs is also wonderful. This villa is located on small hills. It is surrounded with the green environment. Moreover, the hills are also in green with the grass. Some tall coconut trees are planted neatly in the front yard of this villa. 

However, the facade of this villa is nice with the white painting colors. The walls are mostly made from pour concrete and bricks. It has some tempered glass windows. Amazingly, you can see the perfect sunset and sunrise of the sea clearly from inside your villa through the tempered glass windows and walls. There is beautiful sea near this building. You can enjoy the water, the waves, and the wind of course.

Let’s check the inside. There is a wide bed room. This room has a low profile bed with its brown quilt and blanket. The pillows and bolsters are also in brown. This bed room completed with a white puff fitted with the cushions in the same color too. The walls face the beach is made from tempered glass, so it makes you easier to enjoy it clearly from inside your room. The floor here made from grey ceramics while the walls and the roof are made painted in white.

In addition, this bed room has a veranda too. There are some modern and unique chairs combined with a tempered glass table. This veranda looks classy with its tempered glass fence. Right from this angle, you can see the waves and the sky clearly. 

This villa completed with an outdoor pool too. This pool is wide enough. It is located near the sea. The floor surrounded the pool is made from laminate wood in high gloss finished. Besides the pool, there are some sunbathing sofas arranged neatly.
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