Fabulous Farm House Design


Fabulous Farm House Design

Need a place far from crowded? This farm house is suitable for you who need a peace and quiet life in a great area with some tall trees and green grass. Moreover, the location also strategies near the road, so it make you easier to go wherever you want to go fast. 

This building has wonderful exterior design. The facade looks perfect with its natural bricks walls. The front yard of this farm house is covered with the green grass and there is a small garden besides this building. The garden filled up with some colorful flowers. You can enjoy seeing them every day and the air here is fresh and clean so for your health it is good. 

The walls of this building are made from laminate woods, bricks and also pour concrete. This farm house also has some tempered glass windows.  There is a veranda near the garden. This veranda is completed with some wooden chairs and table. There are two sun bathing sofas on the left side of the wooden chairs. The floor of this veranda made from grey ceramics. 

Now, let’s check the inside. Inside this building, the interior design is nice and minimalist. However, it still looks classy. Near the main door entrance, there is a staircase. This staircase has iron fence while the footsteps made from laminate wood in high gloss finished. There are some rooms inside this building like, family room, play room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, garage, and also guest room.

Now, let’s see the family room. The comfortable white sofas combined with colorful cushions looks nice. A tempered glass table perfectly mated with the white sofas. In addition, there is also a modern puff in brown. The floor in this room made from grey ceramics while under the puff it is covered with the beautiful white fur rug. This room has tempered glass walls while the bead board made form bricks. There is also a wooden cabinet in high gloss finished on the corner. It can be used to save your important things. The unique pendant lamp hanging on the roof makes this room brighter.

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