Classic and Classy House Design


Classic and Classy House Design

Looking for a new house for your modern life? There are some options for you who look for a new house. You can take the modern, the classics, or even the unique house designs. In order to get the best design, you need to consider your need, want and also your budget. 

However, in term of new house, you need to think about the materials, the furniture even the painting color instead of the interior and exterior design. After you get your new house, then you should match it with the most suitable furniture. However, in selecting the furniture you must be selective, you need to look at the materials too besides the designs and the appearance.

For you who look for a new classics house design, this house can be the best choice for you. This house is not only classics but also it is classy. It can be looked from the design and the furniture. Now, let’s start from the living room. This room is nice with its wooden furniture. The sofas are painted in white completed with white cushions too. Moreover, there are also two wooden arm chairs near the sofas. The floor under the sofas is covered with wonderful red fur rug. There are some beautiful paintings hanging on the grey walls. Besides, the sofas there is also a wooden table in high gloss finished located near the sofas. The roof and the door in this room are painted in white. The tempered glass windows can be covered with assorted color of cushions. The lighting in this room is from white wall lights, floor lamps, and some candles.

Next is the dining room. This room is near the living room and there is no bead board to separate these rooms. It is classy with its unique and antique wooden chairs with wide square wooden table in high gloss finished. The same with the living room, this dining room also has grey walls while the floor is made from white ceramics. Moreover, there are some candles on the dining table to make this room lighter instead of the beautiful pendant lamp.

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