Amazing Attic House Design


Amazing Attic House Design

You should live in an attic? Don’t be worry; here we have an amazing attic house design that can inspire you to create your own attic house. You can copy both the interior and exterior design for your own or you also can add and eliminate based on your own need and want of course. In addition, living in an attic house you will be able to enjoy the perfect scenery from your surrounded area. 

How about checking the room inside one by one? Alright, let’s do it. Starting from this living room, this room has some comfortable grey sofas with colorful cushions. The floor here made from white ceramics and under the sofa it is covered with the amazing white fur rug. A TV is on the white wooden cabinet in front of the sofas. The sofas are mated with a square tempered glass table. You can enjoy your favorite TV program in your spare time comfortably here. Moreover, there is also a white wooden cabinet behind the sofa. It can be used to display your art works collections. On the walls behind the cabinet, there is a wide mirror hanging on it. 

This living room mostly painted in white from the walls, the bead board, and so did the roof. There are also some green plants on a big white vase on the corner of this room so this room looks fresh and nice. Near the sofas, there is a staircase and it has iron fence with laminate wood footsteps. A fireplace is located near the bead board. 

Moving to the veranda, there is a set of sofas fitted with its cushions and a table. The floor of this veranda made from laminate wood and it is covered with wonderful rug. This veranda is fence with pour concrete and iron. There are some beautiful flowers on the vase put on the fence. Near this veranda, on the inside there is a wooden cabinet laid on the white bead board with some books and magazines collections. Near this cabinet, there are two comfortable arm chairs. You can sit there to read some books. 

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