Victorian house design

Victorian house design-Has a beautiful big house now is easy. There are so many designs that can give you the inspiration to imitate or even you can get your own design based on your want and need. This Victorian house design is nice with its large outdoor garden. The facade is perfect combined with its bright lighting. 
This green garden in the front yard is wide enough to plat anything you want to. Some parts of the yard are covered with ceramics and the other covered with fresh green grass. The footsteps from stones arranged neatly from the first entrance through the floor. The floor to the main door connected with small staircase; it has unique sensation. The fence made from black iron; it is nice combined with this building. This two floor house is painted in white with black iron as the fenced of the first and second floor. The black iron fence and the poles in the facade look classy with curve style. The window and the door design are unique. The door is tall and wide. Like the other Victorian style, it also has curved form. 

The living room is also unique. It has assorted color of sofa. The sofa completed with its nice cushions. Moreover, it also has rocking chair. The cabinet located beside the white wall. The floor finished in laminate flooring. The wall side in front of the outdoor garden also made from glass, so you can enjoy the garden clearly from the living room. The glass walls also can be covered with nice brown curtain. The lighting is from the wall lights. The bead-board also utilizes the high gloss leak wood.

The staircase looks classic with high gloss wood as the footsteps and the fence. The study room will keep you warm with its fireplace. The dining room wooden table and chair with beautiful pendant lamp hanging upside the table. The wall is painted in assorted soft colors. Moreover, the outdoor pool also big enough for you to swim. It is completed with puffs to enjoy the sunlight after swimming. At all it is perfect house.

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