Tempered glass wall house design

Tempered glass wall house design-The one house in a quite desolate area and in the middle of some trees can be the best choice for you who want to build a house which is far from noisy area. You will get a peaceful life here.

This two floors house is quite big enough for you. You can put many furniture as you want and need to support your life. This house gives you different feels. The first floor’s wall is just like the other house from bricks; however most of second floor’s wall is made from tempered glass. Don’t worry, it is safe and helps you to get more sunlight or moon light. Even you can enjoy looking the stars at the sky just by seat nicely inside your house.

The floor and the stair case are made from laminate flooring. The bead-board to divide each room to another also made from tempered glass. However, some other parts of the floor is from ceramics and the rest also covered by fur rug. The white arm chair completed with its cushions is right beside the staircase. It is also fenced by glass. There are so many wall lights, in the middle of the room and in the border of the roof.

The roof use pergola mostly. And you can put a set of chair and table there. While the staircase is twisting, then you will step on stones in your house. Amazingly, whether there are some stones big and small it is still look nice and natural. The wall lights add yellow color to your house. 

The dining table is quite big enough. You can invite your friends to diner together. The orange chandelier right upside the table makes it looks beautiful and perfect. 

The bedroom completed with wide low profile bed and television. The cabinet really useful in the bedroom, you can safe anything you want there. Moreover, the windows are quite wide and made from glass. You will get green view from your room. The laminate flooring covered the entire your bedroom. The wall light is on the corner, it shines brightly in white.

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