Small apartment design

Small apartment design-This small apartment design is nice. The furniture has high standard and arranged neatly. Look at the living room; it is quite simple and classy for small apartment type. This room completed with comfortable sofa and arm chair. Both of them fitted with some cushions. The square table made from tempered glass. It is safe do not worry then.

 The cabinet is in white and located beside the white bead-board. Put some candles on the cabinet to make the room more beautiful. The lightings come from many types. There is round chandelier, wall light and also unique arch lamp in the corner side. The floor finished in laminate flooring wood. The fur rugscovers a half of the floor. The window is also painted in white and has wide glass. You can put some flowers or art works near the window to get nice room decoration. 
A side of the living room is finished in natural bricks; it is not covered in white paint. The TV is hanging on the natural bricks wall. The waste container is near the walls. The lighting of this room comes from the round chandelier. The bedroom is connected with the living room. There is no bead-board to divide the room, it only use dark curtain. The bathroom is simple and well arranged. 

Moving to the kitchen, the kitchen island is in white. It is quite big enough to safe your food and cutlery set. While the dining table, is also in the kitchen. The table’s poles made from natural bricks without paint cover. The table side made from glass. The bar stools completed the table. They are also made from transparent materials. The floor finished in natural view of the stones. The kitchen also equipped with a freezer. Whether it is small and minimalist, it still looks nice.

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