Resort sensation

Resort sensation-Live in a luxurious building like resort near the sea give you different sensations. As far as you can see from the house is the blue water sea. The air is also fresh enough for you compared to town’s air. The facade of this building has perfect view. It is completed with balcony and a set of arm chair with its table. The lighting comes from wall light and pendant lamp give romantic appearance.
The living room walls which made from tempered glass face the sea. You can enjoy the blue sea water every day from your living room. There are so many set of chairs with different types beside the living room. The floor made from white ceramics and the fence made from arranged natural stones. The lighting is unique; it is really artistic to put the floor lamps in each corner side. Each table in each a set chair is completed with a candle. It is romantics. More romantics’ sensation comes from the balcony outside the building. It covered with white curtains in each side. It is suitable for two people. The table and the chairs covered in white. The fence and poles made from high gloss finished wood.There are so many candles spread around the floor. This resort completed with wide outdoor pool. There are also some moving puffs. 

Look at the bed room. This room has modern design. It has two white beds. It is also fitted with white puff and its cushions. The floor made from dark ceramics. The TV is put on the corner side. The lighting is also unique; it comes from floor lamp and pendant lamp. Some side of the walls made from tempered glass. You can enjoy outdoor view from your bed room. You also can cover the glass wall with the brown curtain. A painting hanging on the wall makes this room more amazing. The sloping ceiling is in high gloss finished leak wood.

The bath room is of course has five stars hotel standard equipment. It is wide and arranged neatly. The artistic lamp makes this room look classy and nice.

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