Perfect sustainable apartment design

Perfect sustainable apartment design-To live in an apartment will give you so many easy access to all public places. Of course it has strategies location in the middle of the town. Your busy time in the office will make you tired, and then you need to relax your body in your comfortable apartment.  The design of this apartment is perfect for you.
The facade is nice with some small balconies which are fenced with iron. From the balconies you can see the other beautiful building near your apartment like the church with green garden and tall green plants around. Just go out for your apartment then you will arrive at the main road, so easy to get the other places since there are so many public transportations. The balcony is beautifully decorated with some natural flowers in its right side. It is completed with comfortable chair and table to enjoy the scenery near the apartment. The floor is finished in ceramics, whereas the other covered with unique carpet. The roof is well mated with slopping ceiling. The door that connects the balcony to the main room made from glass and wood and the entire wall painted in white.

The bedroom is wide enough. The low profile bed fitted with white small table has perfect sense. The photo frames put nicely on the walls behind the bed. The walls and the roof painted in white. While the floor, is finished in laminate flooring. The wall hook which is located on the wall in front of the bed is really useful to hook your clothes or bags. The closte is also in white and it has big size. The waste bin is on the corner. This room is also fitted with a unique mirror hanging on the wall. 

The study room is minimalist and simple. And of course it still use white furniture. The living room also has a place to study or just read something. The living room has a set of comfortable sofa with its cushions. The oval wooden table is unique mated with arm wooden chair. The floor finished in laminate flooring and covered with fur rug. The lighting comes from beautiful round pendant lamp.

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