Luxurious Living rooms

Luxurious Living rooms-There are so many luxurious designs for your living room. The one that suitable for you may be different from others based on their need and want. Here, we have some luxurious living room design as suggestions.
First is a warm living room. This room is not too big, suitable for your medium size house. It is fitted with a set of comfortable sofa and some cushions. The sofa has two tables with different size. Put on a vase flowers to make the room fresh. The floor looks perfect in jasped. The lighting comes from the wall lights in each side of the roof. Enjoy your favorite programs in your TV plasma. No worried for the cold weather since there is a fireplace under the TV. Moreover, the natural view of your garden and environment can be seen from this room because some sides of the walls are from tempered glass. 

Next is, the sea view living room. This living room has a beautiful view since you can see the beautiful sea right from inside your living room through the tempered glass walls. Most of the walls face to the sea is made from glass. It also looks classic since the roof is from pergola and the bead-board also made from high gloss finished wood. The wall light is nice combined with white walls and brown pergola. The sofa looks glamour in white combined with its cushions and wooden table. Under the sofa covered with fur rug. This room also completed with benches and a telescope to see the stars clearly.

Last one is a modern style living room. It looks wide and classy with assorted color. This room has a beautiful pendant light. It is like a lotus and has soft shine color. The black and white color of the sofa is perfectly mated with the table. The fireplace is right in the middle of the bead-board of this room. The wall sides are mostly made from clear glass. You can enjoy the green view outside your house through the glass walls.  The floor finished in laminate flooring. At all this room is comfortable.
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