Inspiration design for your residence

Inspiration design for your residence-There are some types of amazing house design that can give inspiration to you who want to build your own house to live in. The designs are amazing and inspired everyone’s eyes. Amazing design with beautiful view of nature or green garden, sea view, and Mountain View are the favorite design for this modern day.

Two floor houses near the falling water and green plants are a good choice. This eco-friendly house is looking natural with its natural appearance of bricks. Some other side of the walls is made from tempered glass to make the inhabitants see the beautiful falling water outside the house. Just open the door and the window, then you will get the fresh air everyday in this natural residence.

This house completed with outdoor pool. All of the pool side is covered with well arranged stones.  It is not too big, but it is wide enough for you and your beloved family. The walls in the second floor is made from glass, and framed with red wood in each side. 

The staircase is unique and made from high gloss finished wood and red also has re wood poles. Near the staircase and the outdoor pool, there is an amazing place. It is quite big enough and be used to enjoy the sunrise or sunset. However, it is also suitable to use this place to play or enjoy your fresh morning with tea and newspaper time. The facade of this house is really nice, first with falling water, then an outdoor pool. Most of the front yard is covered with fresh green grass. The flowers near the staircase give more beautiful view for the facade.
The balcony in the second floor is simple and nice. You can enjoy the falling water view and get the fresh air every day. The balcony is well fenced with modern fenced from bricks. Some parts of the balcony roof covered with wooden pergola. At all this is a perfect choice for your comfortable need of a residence to live in.

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