Functional and stylish apartment for bachelor and bachelorette

Functional and stylish apartment for bachelor and bachelorette-There are some similarities for perfect apartment both men and women like the careful consideration of furniture and decor. Some of the “must have” for bachelor and bachelorette pad to get both functional and stylish apartment.

Now, let’s see for the bachelor pad. For the custom bar, you can go to the classics or modernist route. It is also feature wine storage and stock of wide array of domestic and imported beers. And then refrigerator, water, ice, and other essential are nearby.  It has awesome and comfortable couch. You can spend your free time here, so make it count. 

The leather chair can be used for relax. It has some key components like place to rest arms, able to recline and angular line. The bed room is simple and clean. You can add some cushions to your sofa.

The bachelorette pad has chic lighting. Replace your boring light fixtures with something that can express your personality. The good choice for this is usually the chandeliers. Lighting changes can help you both decorate and improve the atmosphere. Put colorful plants to make the apartment looks beautiful. You can add orchids or rose or other colorful plants.

The floor covered with hand-made rugs. It is more durable than the machine-made rugs. This rug, provide you with warmth, comfort, and a way to add patterns and color to your room. Moving to the kitchen, take a kitchen full of dull appliances and give it some style. Vibrant wallpapers with nice color and patterns can improve your kitchen quickly. If this wallpaper is not an option, there are unique wall decals that, while not reusable, are removable. 

The floating bookcases, well, instead of using bookcases that sits on the floor and take up space, use one mounted on the wall. However, you should double check before installing any other permanent features since sometimes property manager does not allow you to do it. The advantages of the floating bookcases are that it can be rearranged to revamp the room. Moreover, it can store books, photographs and other decorative items.
Functional and stylish apartment for bachelor and bachelorette
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