Classic Eco-friendly house

Classic Eco-friendly house-To live in a place with amazing scenery from the clean river in front of your house and mountains view behind your house is amazing. You can get the fresh air every day. There are so many green trees around your house. The sound of the running water of the river gives natural sensation. The facade of the house is really perfect. The Mountain View with its snow white caught your eyes to see it. Moreover, you can enjoy the sunset and sunrise from your front yard or event back yard. Many parts of the house made from high gloss finished wood. SO, it looks classics and classy. The soft lighting makes the atmosphere more and more classic sensation for your house.

The technology used in this house is so modern. It can be seen from the living room, beside it is unique it has white projector wide screen. You can enjoy whatever program you want clearly. The entire wall and bead-board are made from wooden layer. The roof also made from high gloss finished pergola. This room completed with classic sofa and table covered with leather. The cabinet and the shelf also made from wood. The door has different style, but it still looks amazing with yellow wood color and unique design. The floor finished in laminate flooring. The wall lights make the rooms brighter.

The study room has long table like in the bar. The bar stools complete the table perfectly. The same with the living room, this room also finished in laminate flooring. This room has big red cabinet as the storage to safe books, arts works, or even photo frame. The other unique feature from this room is that it has wooden slopping ceiling. The wall, beside made from wood also covered with tempered glass, so that you can enjoy the outdoor view from your room. In the middle of your work or study, you can have a break just by looking the river or mountain then it will make your mind become fresh.

The dining room completed with high gloss finished wooden chair. The table are big and oval. It also made from wood. The wall here is also from glass. The floor is the same with the other room that is from laminate flooring. The most beautiful parts is the chandelier.

The bed room is of course has classic style too. The bed is perfectly mated with the other furniture like the closet to safe the clothes and shoes, white arm chair, and the wooden table. Bothe the wall and the roof are from wood. The bathroom has the same standard with five stars hotel. The white bath tub, the wash basin has high standard quality. The floors covered with fur rug. It is completely classics.
Classic Eco-friendly house

Classic Eco-friendly house

Classic Eco-friendly house

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