Beautiful polkadot design

Beautiful polkadot design-To display your product, whatever it is, you need to consider the design of the room too. There are so many choices for you. You should choose the most suitable one with your product and want. 
This is an amazing design to display your product in a boutique or department store. The design is like giant pumpkins. However, the color is nice red and white. The basic color is white, while the polkadot is red, whether the small or big one. These pumpkins’ like design made from thin materials with nice red color. The polkadot made from the holes in all sides of the outside parts. 

Moreover, not only the walls which are in red polkadot style, but also the floor. It has the same style. The floors mad from white ceramics and covered with red polkadot arranged neatly from the smallest to the biggest one. The polkadot patterns make a straight line to the main table to display the products.

All of the tables form’s like a half of giant pumpkins. All the entire side of it has white background color. And they are also had a red polkadot color in all side the table, the same with the floor. However, on the top side of the table it is kept in white. 

And then, put the products on the table. The next, arranged it neatly and nicely. Don’t forget to mix and match the color of the products so that it will look suitable for one and another thing. You can display your shoes, bag, hand bag, necklace, bracelet, belt and also hat.

The lighting is really chic. It comes from white giant chandeliers. Each table has one chandelier on the upside. The shape of the door is also unique and it is covered with white curtain.
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