Wonderful and Modern Office Design

Wonderful and Modern Office Design-Working in a modern office with a modern interior and exterior design is nice. Moreover, if you want to build your office you can get the inspiration from this office design. You can build your office based on your want, need, and preferences. There are so many office designs that suitable for you. You can take the modern, classics, unique, or even mixture design. 
On the other hand, you need to consider many things, not only the interior and exterior design but also the materials, locations, the appearance, the durability and of course the color painting of your office. However, after you finished building the office you need to complete your office with the suitable furniture. The furniture should be mated with your house design. 

The interior and exterior design of this office looks great. The facade of this office is great with its tempered glass walls. The windows and the doors also made from the tempered glass. You can see the outdoor view from inside this office. Moreover, the tempered glass windows can be covered with the convenient curtain. 

The front office looks modern with its front desk. The desk is finished in white and silver. It looks nice with its yellow slopping ceiling. The floors finished in pour concrete. Moreover, there is a green plant on the corner side that makes this room fresh and shady. The front office completed with comfortable sofa for you to sit in. You can sit in this sofa comfortably while read magazine or newspaper.

In addition, this office also completed with elevators beside the staircase. You can go up and down easily and fast. However, the corridor looks nice and different with the others. The corridor made design like the orange’s skin. This room is of course completed with a meeting room. This room is suitable for four to ten people. The chairs look great and modern and completed with the round table. This room covered with the red curtain as the bead board to divide this room with the others. There is a beautiful pendant lamp hanging right upside the round table.
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