Unique and creative home design


Unique and creative home design-To realize your dream house with unique and creative design is not difficult though it is also not easy. Alright, this design will make you and your family has freedom to express your feeling. You can write anything. You can draw anything you like. 
The most special feature of this house is the chalkboard feature. This room is completed with a set of high gloss finished wooden chair and table. One side of the wall is not well finished, however you can still see the natural looks of the bricks. There is also a quite large black board. You can express everything by writing and drawing there.

The children room art studio can be used for displaying the art works. This room mostly made from wood, from the staircase, the desk, the floor, the hanging wall art display and the door.  It also has a garret-window. You can stay there to get the inspiration for your art works. The wall is finished in white and it can be used to draw anything you want. 

You can enjoy the moon light in your veranda. It is completed with outdoor fireplace.  Some sofa beds are put near the fireplace. You also can enjoy the natural view in the morning and at night. The floor is finished in lacquered wood.  

The lounge area is really comfortable to have a break from your busy day. It is completed with fur rug and some pillows. There is also a shelf to save your books and magazine. The lighting comes from the roof. Yes, it is look simple and unique. Inside your house, the fireplace is on the corner and the speaker is located near it. 

The living room looks natural and it fitted with puff and some cushions. The big aquarium is on the back side of the puff. It also can be used as a partition to other room. The floor finished in laminate flooring.  The closet is quite large; you can put the clothes and shoes there. It looks luxurious since it has glass door. 
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