Sustainable Green house

Sustainable Green house-This house has a good location since it is easy to get there. It is located beside the road. It is important to keep your environment green. We need fresh air everyday in our life. This house design is perfectly what you need to give you natural looks and keep your health since you will get the fresh air everyday from your environment. Keep some trees alive around your house, and then decorate it to make an outdoor garden.

Leave a space to make your own outdoor garden to plant whatever to create your green garden. You don’t need too big house; this one is the medium size. The natural bricks look combined with some side of Mahogany wood walls will attract your attention. It really looks like a classic house. Beside the brick looks and the Mahogany walls, the walls two side of the walls also made from tempered glass. This tempered glass walls are right in front of your green garden. So, just sit or read in your house then you can enjoy clearly the garden looks. Of course you will get natural sensation.

You can put some puffs in your living room, so that you can enjoy the green garden view. Don’t forget to put paintings and flower to decorate your room. You also can safe or display your lovely bicycle here. The lacquered wood floor make it more nice and so did the fur rug, but don’t cover the entire floor with the fur rug. The lighting looks nice from pendant lamps right in the corner. The natural color of the curtain can be used to cover your glass walls in the night. 

Covered your front yard with small white stone, it will be nice. Put some outdoor furniture right on the white stone, like a set chair and table. You also can create indoor garden, by putting some flowers in their vases, then put them on the big wooden table. Don’t forget to give lighting from classic hanging lamp. The brick bead-board is a good choice to make the panel to divide your room.

Keep your kitchen simple with wood kitchen island and the white staircase is right near your kitchen. However, you also can use your penthouse as an indoor garden and put some cabinet there to safe something you want. The floor made from woods. And it really looks nice.
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